It takes a split second of distraction for a pet to get away and become lost. But, if your pet is microchipped, your chances of finding them increase many times over. To learn more about these devices, give us a call at 613-725-3439.

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How does a pet microchip work?

Think of it as a permanent ID. We encode your contact information and your pet’s important health details into the microchip. So, if your pet is found by another veterinary team or animal shelter, they can scan the microchip, extract the information and contact you about your pet’s whereabouts.

How are pets microchipped?

It is a relatively short and pain-free procedure. Microchips are the size of 1 grain of rice. We usually insert them just under your pet’s skin, between their shoulder blades. No anesthesia is needed as the procedure is similar to receiving a vaccine injection or booster shot. However, we can sedate patients with anxiety to prevent them from feeling stress.

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