Spay and Neutering

Getting your pet spayed or neutered allows you to directly impact the issues of pet overpopulation and abandonment. These procedures also provide numerous health benefits for your loyal companion. Call us at 613-725-3439 for more details on our spay and neutering services for pets.

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What does it mean if a pet is spayed/neutered?

This means they are no longer able to produce their own offspring. A spay is a procedure to remove the female’s reproductive organs, while neutering is the version done on males. 

Should all pets be spayed/neutered?

Aside from those raised specifically for breeding, all pets should be spayed/neutered. Pets who do not undergo these procedures are more likely to suffer from mood irregularities, infections, certain cancers, shorter life expectancy, and other health issues. 

Can an adult dog or cat still be spayed/neutered?

Yes. As long as they are deemed fit to undergo surgery, it is safe for them to be spayed or neutered. Ideally, pets should have these operations before they reach adulthood.

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