Vaccinations for Kittens and Cats

Vaccines protect your feline friend against a wide range of serious health problems. Our team can help you stay on top of their vaccination schedule, so they remain immunized their whole life. Call us at 613-725-3439 to find out how. 

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When should I get my kitten vaccinated?

We recommend kittens receive their first series of vaccines at around 2-months-old. They will need booster shots once every month until they are about 4-months-old. 

Do adult cats still need vaccines?

Yes. The frequency will vary depending on the specific vaccine. Cats will need boosters once every year or once every three years. 

Are vaccines safe for cats?

Yes. Vaccines undergo rigorous testing before being released on the market. There are rare instances when patients experience side effects, but they are usually minor and subside in a matter of hours. Examples include fatigue, vomiting, and swelling at the injection site.

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