Ultrasound and X-ray

Ultrasounds and x-rays help veterinarians diagnose your pet and monitor any ongoing conditions they may have. The best part? These tools are 100% painless and non-invasive. To learn more, call us at 613-725-3439

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Do pets need to be asleep during X-rays and ultrasounds?

Not necessarily. To get the most accurate scans, pets need to be still, and we often have to restrain them. Most patients do well with this. If your pet does not like being handled this way or has anxiety, we may recommend sedating them.

How much do veterinary X-rays and ultrasounds cost?

Feel free to call us for our latest services rates. Prices may vary depending on factors like whether or not your pet needs sedation (i.e. larger pets will need larger doses of medication).

Will my pet be exposed to radiation?

Since we use digital X-rays, you can rest assured the radiation exposure is minimal. We make sure our patients and staff members wear protective gear during these scans.

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