Nutrition Counselling

Diet and nutrition are essential aspects of your pet’s well-being. With our help, you can ensure they take in the right food to support their development. Contact us today at 613-725-3439 to learn more about our nutrition counselling services for pets. 

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What happens during nutrition counselling for pets?

Nutrition counselling is a checkup dedicated exclusively to your pet’s diet. You will have the opportunity to discuss your pet’s eating habits, schedule, feeding style and more. You can share any concerns you may have and any goals you would like to accomplish. Then, we will make recommendations on diet modifications that can help your pet reach their nutritional goals.

How much does nutritional counselling cost?

Please feel free to give us a call for our current service rates.

How do I know if my pet is getting proper nutrition?

If your pet is losing weight, is constipated, or has a dry coat and skin, then they may not be getting the proper nutrients from their diet. It is always best to check in with the veterinarian for the most accurate assessment. Pets have a natural defensive instinct to hide any pain, so it is always best to have them checked by the doctor. 

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