Dr. Kelia Bascom


I’ve wanted to become a vet since I was six, so my first goal was to give magical injections to make all the animals live forever. Now, as I’ve aged and begun this professional journey, my want is to enrich each patient’s life, understand the language of patients that can’t speak and diagnose and treat illnesses that aren’t always visible. My goal with every patient visit is to listen, understand and address all the pet owner’s concerns, develop a plan with the owner for their pet and exercise compassionate care for all animals and people that walk through our door.

I believe a family is not a house but the people who share your journey in life. My family is comprised of my sister, mother, aunt and many supportive friends. We currently share our lives with two energetic mixed breed dogs. I believe all living things should be treated with respect and kindness. Everyone is going through different walks of life we might not understand but can still strive to empathize with.