Here at Carling, we keep up with the latest technology to provide healthcare for your pet at the same level seen in hospitals for humans. Endoscopy is just one of the modern tools/techniques we offer our patients. It is a less-invasive means of diagnosis and surgery used in various cases. Contact us at 613-725-3439 for more details. 

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How is endoscopy used in veterinary medicine?

We typically use endoscopy to examine a patient’s internal organs. Once the patient is unconscious and the anesthesia takes effect, the endoscope is inserted into their mouth. It is a long tube with a camera at the end. It is usually passed through the esophagus and into your pet’s stomach. It may also be used to examine their colon and intestines. 

Why would a pet need an endoscopy?

There are multiple reasons why the doctor will recommend an endoscopic procedure for your pet: 

  • Foreign body removal 
  • Feeding tube placement 
  • To diagnose unexplained gastrointestinal issues (e.g. weight loss, vomiting, diarrhea)

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