Laser Surgery

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Laser surgery has been used in human health care for more than 25 years and your pet can also realize the benefits of this advance technology.

What is laser surgery?

Laser surgery utilizes an intense beam of light which acts to seal nerve endings and cauterize small blood vessels as it cuts . By sealing nerve endings, the transmission of pain signals to the brain is altered. Since the laser also cauterizes, small blood vessels are sealed to stop bleeding.

Laser surgery is a non-contact procedure and allows the Veterinary Surgeon the precision necessary to perform delicate procedures in and around the eyes, ears and mouth.

Carling Animal Hospital and laser surgery

Carling Animal Hospital has been providing laser surgery for pets since 2001. Be it a spay, neuter, growth or wart removal, exploratory or orthopedic procedure (cruciate ligament, etc.), the Benefits of Laser Surgery include less pain, swelling, and bleeding.

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